Correctly matched and coloured 

Spray Tans


sick of being orange, STREAKY or your tan not lasting? 


COLOUR & SKIN MATCHED: Spray Tan colours are like foundations - they need to be matched correctly to your skin colour and tone.  It is just not one colour for all.  Most places only stock 1 or 2 different types or brands.  We also stock a PURE VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE organic tan. Here - we are the SPRAY TAN BAR with over 10+ colours and brands, tones, hues, bases, etc so you get matched 100% correctly with Eco-Tan, J-Bronze, Bondi Sands, St Tropez, Mine Tan. We have also introduced the 2 tone tanning system, whereby you may be getting married, and only require a fine spray mist on décolletage and upper body but would like to have tummy/torso and legs a lot browner for the honeymoon you are going on after.  You may only want; legs, tummy or arms done.  We make it work for you.  Prior to your arrival you are sent a form which determines your skin type, colour desired and a pre-tanning advice sheet that can make all the difference.

OUR PREMISES: In Wanaka, we have a custom built spray tan unit with the correctly rated safety extraction techniques installed to ensure client and tanner safety.  We provide you with complimentary hair nets, underwear and pre and post information to ensure you get maximum tan longevity, non-streaking and after care tips and advice.

ABOUT US:  Fully qualified Beauty Therapist & Makeup Artist. Trained in a tanning technique how to tan specific muscle groups to ensure you look fit and toned.  We also use a blend and two tone way of tanning, similar to highlighting and contouring.  Being able to shade some elements of the body you'd rather not see and then highlight/accentuating other areas.  This can make all the difference to your tan.  Being a trained makeup artist ensures we also match you correctly to your specific skin tone and colouring. 

We also have a fully ventilated waiting and drying room, where you are welcome to stand and wait till your tan is 100% dry instead of rushing off only to smear and ruin the tan.

AFTERCARE: Post tanning care is just as important as the Pre. We offer a retail range of home products as well so you can maintain and look after your tan in the comfort of your own home.

SALON OR MOBILE: We are also conveniently mobile for 4+ more people requiring spray tans in the comfort of their accommodation.

Perfectly matched TANS to suit your skin tone